Friday, November 10, 2017

Veterans Support fund Drive

As part of a Veterans Day event at Louisville Free Public Library Southwest (9725 Dixie Highway), at 2pm Saturday November 11th, local musician Kelly Newton will be performing and releasing her debut album Lady Liberty.

We will also be on hand collecting donations for a project to support the Deported Veterans Support House in Tijuana Mexico. The Support House (affectionately known as The Bunker) is an organization to help U.S. Military Veterans deported to Mexico after their term of service has ended.
Due to Mexican regulations it is difficult to receive monetary donations from the U.S. but is much easier to receive physical goods.

There for we have put together these portable Winter First Aide Packs, available for just $7 and for every one ordered on our website, we will send one to The Bunker. Makes a good holiday gift for your friends and family, and directly helps a great cause.

LFPL Veterans Event  information  here.
More  information  on  the  Electric  Church fund  drive  here.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

New Protest Album released!

Today, the 5th of November,  The Electric Church Of The Tambourine is proud to announce the release of longtime Louisville hip hop recording artist (as a part of the electronic music duo Team Totoro) MC Hijack's first solo effort, the Truth Church EP. Released on November 5th in support of those who fight daily against injustice and inequality.

 This album was created by Hijack using the nearly forgotten art of break beat turntablism; This technique of music making was the catalyst for the early Bronx incubator of American Hip Hop. Funk, Soul, and Disco were the primary records used in break beating; as what was primarily used on this album.

 Truth Church was released on Nov. 5th by  The Electric Church Of The Tambourine in partnership with the  Louisville is for Lovers record label in an ongoing series of protest and activist music. All releases in this series are FREE of charge.

 Other releases in this series include:
The Gallery Singers 'Power to the Poor' 
Team Totoro 'Democrasexxy: Demand an End To Economic Slavery'

Friday, May 26, 2017

Open Call for Muralists

We are taking proposals from muralists for the upcoming “We Gon’ Be Alright” mural on Hill and Floyd streets. The idea is to incorporate as many artists from the surrounding neighborhoods (California, Limerick, Old Louisville, Park Hill, St. Joseph, Shelby Park, Smoketown, Card Town, Schnitzelburg, Germantown, Algonquin, and Merriwether) as possible. With that in mind we have decided to split each phrase in half (see template) to make a total of 4 sections and have 4 artists/crews work on each, and when completed all sections should line up together. The only stipulation is the lettering size and placement be congruent, the rest is entirely up to you (foreground, background, font, etc.).
Please visit our Mural Information page for details.
Unfortunately there isn't much time to get proposals in to the city, So please share this info with anyone you know who may be interested.
Design template 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Petition for a city sanctioned mural

We are just about ready to send our proposal to the city of Louisville for a proper 'We Gon' Be Alright' wall. Here is our mock up of two murals that complete each other from every angle (as a symbol of unity), Before we send it off we would love to have a few more signatures on our petition. 
Please sign here.

Friday, April 7, 2017

4/7-9: A Weekend Of Love And Resistance

This friday-Sunday at 1007 E. Jefferson St. in Louisville, Ky, will be the Weekend of Love and Resistance, with over 35 bands and speakers raising funds for the ACLU of Kentucky and Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky. Electric Church members John King and Bryan Burns will be speaking on Sunday at 4pm (right before Catherine Irwin) about the importance of social programs and organizations as a tool to combat economic slavery in America. We hope you can make it out this weekend!
Details here.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

We Gon' Be Alright!

Here in our hometown, Louisville, the day Trump was elected someone spray painted "we gon' be alright" on the retaining wall on Hill street. The slogan comes from the Kendrick Lamar song 'Alright' and was adopted in 'Black Lives Matter' campaigns. on March 10th the city got whitewashed in preparation of Trump's rally in Louisville on MondayMarch 18th.  The "We Gon' Be Alright" sign on Hill Street was a beacon of hope for many of us since Trump won the election, and to make matters worse, there was a strict 'No Signs Allowed' rule during his rally, but we cannot be silenced! So we took a bucket of chalk on saturday before the rally and replaced the sign 100 times for Trump and the world to see. The city quickly washed the 100 chalk 'We Gon' Be Alright' signs down.
We are now collecting signatures to present to the city demanding an official mural be put in it's place, one that won't be silenced by the government. The petition is here, please sign and share.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Let The World Know!

Now available! Show your support with the Electric Church/POWER TO THE POOR Street Pack! 
A full assortment of Stickers, Buttons, Patches, and literature to spread around your area!

Let the world know there is a change coming! Let the world know that a free and equal society for all is no longer a distant dream but a priority!  

Get the STREET PACK for only $5 with shipping included! 
(Free shipping inside US only, just a little bit more for international shipping).

Friday, January 20, 2017

POWER TO THE POOR Protest Rock album released for FREE

We are excited to announce the release of The Gallery Singers newest album POWER TO THE POOR, today for free!

This album is being released on Presidential Inauguration Day as a socially conscious 'Class War Protest' against the greed of the ruling class, and the coronation of billionaires into the highest seats of federal government. Together with  The Gallery Singers At Electric Church Of The Tambourine and  Louisville Is For Lovers, we are standing in solidarity against the fascist oppression and economic slavery of 50 million Americans. This is a call to action.  The dismantling of democracy and government mandated economic servitude will no longer be tolerated.

The Gallery Singers 'POWER TO THE POOR' EP can be downloaded right now for FREE here:

Power To The Poor shirts are also available here.
More about The Electric Church Of Tambourine and how to join the growing movement of musicians and community members working toward a free and equal society here.