100 Year Plan

The 100 YEAR PLAN is a term we use to help explain our ideology that in order to make fundamental change in society we must realize that the fruits of our labor may not be fully realized by our generation. If we raise our children to believe in selflessness and that everyone should get an equal chance in life, hopefully they will raise their children to believe the same, and so on until Equality is not just a theory but living practice, and as natural as taking a breath.
Greed and selfish behavior by the people in power influence laws that reinforce this behavior.  One way to cancel out this is to teach selflessness as well as how GREED has negative effects on others.
That said, we also believe that change in public policy needs to be immediate.  While eradicating greed may take time, the economic and banking laws in America, as well as the dismantling of social programs are creating impossible situations and suffering for many people in our society and this is not acceptable and needs to end now.

From a sociological standpoint a revolution is a complete change in the social structure. In this sense, yes we do want a revolution. We believe that our society is fundamentally stacked in favor of a select few at the expense of many. We seek to create a world that has equal opportunities for all, including education, work, representation, and quality of life. Please share this slogan and image:

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