Pro-Social Initiative

Pro-Social Louisville Seal

Due to the recent remarks of the President of the United States that poor people should be excluded from government (as well as slashes to government programs such as Health Care, Federal Student Aide, and others) we are starting a new Initiative asking Louisville citizens and businesses to make a pledge and/or add to their mission statement a vow to be Pro-Social

Pro-Social is behavior intended to benefit all members of society, with deliberate actions that include and/or benefit the demographics in society that have traditionally been left out or negatively targeted. 

Such actions include helping, sharing, donating, co-operating, volunteering, and offering positions and promotions to those who have less opportunities due to economic, social, and government discrimination. We would like to send this logo out to businesses and people who would display the sticker as a pledge to be more pro-social during a time that directly punishes the poor.

The lower income families and individuals in our community are doing their best to survive in a world that excludes them from government and preys on their fragile financial footing. We must call on our elected officials, businesses, and friends to actively make choices to help the marginalized groups in our community receive opportunities for economic and educational advancement as well as to actively participate in government,  and to have a voice and opportunities to represent their community in elected and appointed positions in government.

Please make your voice heard by proudly displaying this symbol at your business, at school, home, or on your car! We'll send you the Pro-Social seal stickers today for free. Just send your mailing address in an email

Universal Pro-Social Seal