Mural Project

We are working with Councilman David James and the city of Louisville to create a large mural (over 2 city blocks) at Hill and Floyd streets. The mural, WE GON' BE ALRIGHT, was inspired by a tag left on the wall shortly before the presidential elections of 2016.

Our proposal would include several artist/crews contributing sections of the phrase and work together to make a congruent mural. Our mock up represents the placement and size of the phrase, but everything else will be designed by the artists (font, color, background, foreground, images, etc).

 The idea is to have the phrase painted twice; One on either side of Floyd wrapping around the retaining wall so that from certain angels the two phrases will complete each other.

The artists we are working with in designing the wall include Wilfred Sieg, Alyx McClain, John King, and others.

Before the city approves the project they want to know we can fund it completely on our own, which we cannot, not without your help. Please visit our crowdsourcing campaign here. Any amount is a big help. Thank you.