Affiliation with the church will provide actionable strategies to escape hegemony and coercion in your daily life. Church teaching indicate that its members cannot be compelled to enter a hegemonic or coercive relationship with another party, of any size, including but not limited to predatory neighborhood associations, contracts, or  employment bonds.

Practical applications include Church-endorsed refusal of demands that impose upon bodily autonomy, including drug tests, compulsory health screenings, compulsory body modifications like haircuts or removal of piercings, and vaccinations, as well as discriminations against gender and sex affiliations.

Access to church-endorsed invocations and actions against being compelled to accept coercive circumstances, including compulsory acceptance of interest rates. An avenue through which to reject impositions against self expression, like uniforms and compulsory hiding of tattoos or piercings.

Protection from infringement upon privacy, including church-endorsed rejection of name tags and the continuos possession of mandatory identification paperwork. Access to a comprehensive value system intended to support, protect, and empower the individuals who choose to affiliate with it and the fellowship of others who share your values and a strengths-based support network. Access to materials on identifying and combating oppression in your daily life is also available.

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