5 for 1

    There are about 300 million people in the US, 3 million (10%) of which own 80% of the wealth, and yet half of the country (150 million) live under $50,000 a year. The top 10% also get to live about 10% longer than the rest of us. quick math says for every person in the top 10% there are 50 who will live shorter more difficult lives. Is the suffering of 50 people really worth one person living in luxury?

    To quantify that in actual lives, 50 people living 10% less, equals 5 complete lives lost. Our campaign "Is your life worth the DEATHS of 5?" is not meant to be exact science (we were actually conservative in our estimation), but a simple reminder that in order for 10% of the population to own 80% of the wealth, many of us live harder shortened lives. This doesn't add up and should never be acceptable. If you asked a wealthy person if they would continue to live luxurious lives if they had to murder 5 people, would they say yes? Of course this is a hypothetical question, but it is meant to remind people that many people suffer while others live longer healthier lives.

    By wearing pins, stickers, patches, and spreading this slogan verbally and online our aim is keep this injustice current and on the minds of the American people. Change cannot happen without a fundamental shift in our culture. We ask you to help spread this message verbally and by whatever means available to you, to let others know that the time of sacrificing our lives so a select few can prosper is over.

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