Friday, November 10, 2017

Veterans Support fund Drive

As part of a Veterans Day event at Louisville Free Public Library Southwest (9725 Dixie Highway), at 2pm Saturday November 11th, local musician Kelly Newton will be performing and releasing her debut album Lady Liberty.

We will also be on hand collecting donations for a project to support the Deported Veterans Support House in Tijuana Mexico. The Support House (affectionately known as The Bunker) is an organization to help U.S. Military Veterans deported to Mexico after their term of service has ended.
Due to Mexican regulations it is difficult to receive monetary donations from the U.S. but is much easier to receive physical goods.

There for we have put together these portable Winter First Aide Packs, available for just $7 and for every one ordered on our website, we will send one to The Bunker. Makes a good holiday gift for your friends and family, and directly helps a great cause.

LFPL Veterans Event  information  here.
More  information  on  the  Electric  Church fund  drive  here.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

New Protest Album released!

Today, the 5th of November,  The Electric Church Of The Tambourine is proud to announce the release of longtime Louisville hip hop recording artist (as a part of the electronic music duo Team Totoro) MC Hijack's first solo effort, the Truth Church EP. Released on November 5th in support of those who fight daily against injustice and inequality.

 This album was created by Hijack using the nearly forgotten art of break beat turntablism; This technique of music making was the catalyst for the early Bronx incubator of American Hip Hop. Funk, Soul, and Disco were the primary records used in break beating; as what was primarily used on this album.

 Truth Church was released on Nov. 5th by  The Electric Church Of The Tambourine in partnership with the  Louisville is for Lovers record label in an ongoing series of protest and activist music. All releases in this series are FREE of charge.

 Other releases in this series include:
The Gallery Singers 'Power to the Poor' 
Team Totoro 'Democrasexxy: Demand an End To Economic Slavery'