Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Sinking Ship on Fire

What would you do if you were standing on the shore watching a burning ship filled with passengers sink slowly into the ocean? Would you watch from the safety of land as all the passengers slipped under the waves or would you swim like hell to the ship and try to save at least one?

What would you be thinking if, instead, you were a passenger on the ship watching the people on the shore line as you slowly sank into the ocean?

 This hypothetical scenario can explain the Electric Church of the Tambourine’s principles in several ways. We believe our society is like a sinking ship, with too much power and money in the hands of a few, leading our society to ruin, while those at the bottom are like the passengers on a ship, hopeless to escape.
Here at the Electric Church we cannot just stand idly by and watch those in suffering sink further into ruin. It is easy to also feel like a hopeless bystander on the shore not sure how to help. We believe through community we can make a lasting change for the better.